Covenant Vis Sources


Vis Type Amt
Creo 3
Creo Ignem 6
Perdo 2
Rego 4
Aquam 2
Corpus 8
Herbam 4
Ignem 2
Imaginem 3
Mentem 3
Terram 2
Vim 4
Total 43

Crystal of Vis Concentration

Vis Produced: 4 Vi/year
Season: One each season
When placed in a magical Aura, this crystal slowly absorbs magical energy. Each season, the energy coalesces into one pawn of Vim vis that can be transferred from the crystal to another receptacle. If it is not harvested, the vis will simply accumulate over time. It is suspected that if the crystal is placed in a Divine, Faerie, or Infernal Aura, the resulting vis will be tainted by that Realm. It is unknown if this is a naturally occurring phenomenon, or if the crystal was enchanted ages ago to perform this function. No one has been willing to risk the vis source with experimentation.

Femur of Maximus of Ephesus

Vis Produced: 5 Co/year
Season: Autumn
In the first full moon after the first of October, the bone bleeds from sundown to sunup. The blood shed during this time contains 5 pawns of Co vis.

Rocks of Liquid Fire

Vis Produced: 6 dedicated CrIg/year
Season: Summer
Out in the Aegean, there's a small volcanic rift, inside a regio. It is deep underwater. This yields 4 pawns/year of dedicated vis (RoP:M p. 122) - Creo Ignem, which appears as small rocks that drip with liquid fire.

Strawberries of Magical Power

Vis Produced: 3 Cr/year, 3 Co/year
Season: Spring
This patch of strawberries grew on the grave of a powerful hedge wizard. Each year in the spring, three overly large and perfect strawberries grow on it that contain Creo vis. The leaves of those berries can be harvested for Corpus vis. This is a cutting of an original plant that is more productive. The plants are kept in a bit of soil that has one of the hedge wizard's leg bones in it. A local legend says that eating the other berries from the patch fresh increases a woman's chance of having a child. And it is reputed that a wine made of older, fermented berries from the patch can prevent pregnancy.

Skull of the Parted Lover

Vis Produced: 3 Me/year
Season: Autumn
Tales tell of a faithful maiden whose true love died while on crusade. The maiden stayed faithful to him and cried for him every night. She died decades ago, but her skull continues to cry for him. On the feast of St. Martin of Tours, the day her lover left for the crusade, her tears contain Mentem vis.

Cave of Gaia's Tears

Vis Produced: 2 Aq/year, 2 Te/year
Season: Summer
One of the hills outside of Thessaloniki is reputed to be where the titan Gaia came when Ouranos took and swallowed their first child. She was said to have wept bitterly for the loss, and her tears soaked into the hillside. Whether this is true or not is anyone's guess. But in a cave in the hill, beneath where Gaia is supposed to have wept, a stalactite forms at a shocking rate of several inches per year. The stalactite is always covered in water that is reputed to be the remnants of the tears of Gaia, still dripping to this very day.

The stalactite can be harvested once every six months for a pawn of Terram vis (or once a year for two pawns of Te). If the water that drips from the stalactite is collected, it amounts to two pawns of Aq vis per year.

The covenant has sealed off the part of the cave that has the stalactite so that no one will wander in. They have a wand that will open a temporary passage into the cave that the vis can be harvested.

The Honey of Kings

Vis Produced: 4 Re/year
Season: Autumn
There is a hive of been in the Garden of Diantha that have been harvesting pollen from the flowers in the regio for centuries. They have lived for untold generations in a powerful magical Aura with the result that the entire colony of bees has become infused with magic. Because of this, the honey they make is infused with Rego vis.

Everburning Log

Vis Produced: 2 Pe/year and 2 Ig/year
Season: Winter
When this log, said to be from a fallen branch of the Tree of the Hesperides, is set on fire, it will burn down to a charred piece of wood, dropping ash and burned wood chips. Then, over the course of a year, the log will slowly return to its original form, at which point it can be burned again. The ash can be collected to form Perdo vis, and the burned wood chips can be collected to form Ignem vis.

Narcissus's Pool

Vis Produced: 3 Im/year
Season: Summer
In a forest glen not far from Thessaloniki is a small pool fed by a stream. If a person walks around the pool three times while never losing sight of their reflection, they are transported to an associated regio that looks much like the forest glen except that the pool of water has a faded image permanently in it. The faded image is that of an ancient Greek man of unsurpassed beauty. In fact, his appearance is so striking that it's hard to look away. The magus who found the pool theorized that only the fact that the image is faded allows a person to turn away at all. However, when the sun is brightest, at noon on the day of the summer solstice, the image brightens and regains some of its former beauty, captivating any who see it. Thankfully the moment passes and the image fades once more, allowing the gazer to look away once more. But if, during that moment of clarity some water is drawn from the pool where the image is formed, that water will contain 3 pawns of Imaginem vis. One would be wise to have everything at hand before the sun reaches its zenith however. For once the image brightens, it's impossible to look away to gather what's needed.

The Old Growth of Therma

Vis Produced: 4 He/year
Season: 1 pawn each season
The oldest trees in the regio have been absorbing magic for a long time. This has warped some of them in interesting ways and others in useful ways. Some few have also been infused with vis. The covenant believes that it can safely harvest 4 pawns of Herbam vis without threatening the health of the forest.

The Giant's Goblet

A Signaficato

Equivalent of: 4 pawns of Aq vis
On the coast of the Island, in the Regio, water flows into a large natural bowl, partially open to the ocean. The waters crash and swirl violently within the bowl. (Inspired by the Devil's Punchbowl, in Oregon.)

A magus must place himself inside the bowl, and allow himself to be battered by the waves. This allows them study Aquam, as if using vis, up to a level of 20. Characters can use one physical characteristic to reduce damage - roll <Chr> against an Ease Factor of 12. Success indicates that the character is undamaged by the experience. Failure causes the magus to incur a medium wound, and a botch (players roll three botch dice) requires the character to roll on the Crisis table on page 170, although it does not end a Longevity Ritual. Using it more than once a year requires an Aging roll.

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