current year: Spring 1220
age 41 (36)
Decrepitude: 0 (0)
Warping Score:2(13)
Confidence: 1 (3)

Int 3 Per -2
Pre 3 Com 0
Str -2 Sta 1
Dex 3 Quick -3


gentle gift( +3 major)
affinity with magic theory( +1 minor)
affinity with woodcarving( +1 minor)
personal vis source-creo( +1 minor)
inventive genius( +1 minor)
book learner( +1 minor)
skilled parens( +1 minor)
verditious magic( +0 free)
free study( +1 minor)
affinity with ignem (initiation minor)
enchant casting tools (initiation- minor)


weak spontaneous magic( -3 major)
susceptability to infernal power( -1 minor)
Lecherous( -3 major)
primogenitor lineage( -1 minor)
cofraternity member-Balento( -1 minor)
magical animal companion( -1 minor)
deficient aquum (initiation, minor)


Ability Specialization score xp
Greek 5
Guile white lies 2 15
Stealth hiding 2 15
Folk Ken commerce 2 15
Woodcarving Verditious techniques 6
Ancient Greek Hermetic usage 4 50
Artes Liberales Alphabets 1 5
Philosophae Rituals 4 55
Code Of Hermes mundane interference 1 5
Magic Theory enchanting 7 143
Parma Magica corpus 1 5
Verditious Lore initiating others 5 75
teaching one on one 3 30

Hubris: 1(1)

Arts: Cr:13(4), In:5, Mu:5, Pe:5, Re:10, An:5,Aq:5, Au:5, Co:10, He:9, Ig:18(9), Im:5, Me:5, Te:5, Vi:5

CrIg 10 Lamp without Flame
CrIg 10 Heat of the searing Forge
ReMe 20 Aura of Rightful Authority
CrIg 20 Pilum of fire
ReHe 10 repel the wooden shafts
CrHe 20 bridge of wood
ReCo 15 Lifting the dangling puppet
CrCo 20 purification of the festering wounds
CrVi 15 The phantom gift
ReVi 10 Circular Ward against Demons

lab text: wooden hearth of laboratory heating (CrIg:19, provides magically heated laboratory at superior heating level)
lantern of the well lit laboratory (CrIg:31, lights room as much as a sunny day, 2x/day)

enchanted items in lab: wooden hearth of laboratory heating, lantern of the well lit laboratory
enchanted items for sale: 3 wooden hearths of laboratory heating

Lab: size 7, occupied size:7, dedicated building, greater feature:Lathe(wheel), greater feature:fountain, magical superior lighting, magical superior heating, superior construction, superior equipment, superior tools, spacious, missing equipment (spells), extensive stores
Statistics: size:7, occupied size:7, General quality +1, upkeep:0, safety:0, warping:0, health:1, aesthetics:9, items:+7, vis extraction:+1, Re:+1, Ig +1, Me:+1

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