Regio (minor boon): the covenant is based around a regio accessible throughout the city; all entrances are not controlled by the covenant
Aura, x3 (minor boon x2, major boon x1): the regio has an aura of 6; auras of individual lacunae may vary
Healthy Feature, x2 (minor boon): the covenant has a particularly pure spring in the regio where all of the residences gather their water
Urban (major hook): the covenant is in the city of Thessaloniki
Road (minor hook): Thessaloniki is a port city


Manor House (free boon): the various structures of the covenant are normal buildings


Wealthy (major boon): the primary income source is a legendary income source (custom duties in the Thessaloniki docks)
Vis Grant (minor boon): the covenant grants vis to the members of the covenant as a matter of right
Hidden Resources (minor boon): this gives 250 BP for future story guides to use as rewards
Right (minor boon): a local leader (see Powerful Ally below) has arranged for the covenant to be granted the right to collect docking fees at some of the local docks


Peasants (free boon): the covenfolk are by and large commoners
Veteran Fighters (minor boon): The covenant has a core of skilled fighters that serve as guards for the school and the magi
Literate (minor boon): most of the covenfolk are literate
Loyal Covenfolk (minor boon): the covenant has been around for a long time and are loyal
Strong Community (minor boon): we're an old covenant; the covenfolk are more tightly knit than green covenfolk
Rights and Customs (minor hook): the covenant has been around for a long time; the covenfolk have come to expect some things
School (major hook): the center of the covenant forms the grounds of a local school; all of the magi are publicly associated with the school


Felicitous Tribunal (minor boon): the Theban Tribunal is easy to get along with
Local Ally (minor boon): the covenant has a friend in the city government or the Church
Mundane Politics (major hook): the covenant is involved in the mundane politics of the city
Powerful Ally (major boon): either a powerful nobleman or a prince of the Church has allied with the covenant
Prestige (mundane) (major boon): about a year ago, the covenant helped the city deal with a plague; this has the city thinking very kindly of us


Hidden Ways (minor boon): the magi can use the covenant's regio to quickly move around the city
Meddlesome Saint (major hook): the patron saint of the city is the covenant's patron as well, and has taken an interest in the covenant


Floating, x2 (minor boon): each residence gets to pick two minor boons that applies only to their residence
Unknown, x5 (minor hook): we'll have five minor mystery hooks, one for each story guide

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